The ThermaVIP software platform ("Viewing Imaging Platform") provides the necessary functions for offline and real time sensor data exploitation, especially imaging ones. Thermavip increases your understanding of the observed process and helps you:

  • reducing operational risks (damaging components),
  • optimizing your process (avoid false alarms, decrease material aging,…)

Thermavip is based on a versatile software architecture compose of a Software Development Kit (SDK) and a plugin mechanism. Depending on your needs, Thermadiag will provide you the source code of Thermavip and support for custom components integration.

ThermaVIP for real-time applications

Thermavip provides software modules for acquisition, online visualization and archiving of infrared/visible camera videos, as well as other sensor data. Thermadiag uses the knowledge of your process experts to build a customized software solution dedicated to the detection of thermal anomalies and defects in materials during real time operations. This solution safely fits into your supervision system without altering it.
Real-time thermal event detection (Tore Supra, CEA-FR)

Acquisition, local storage and archiving of sensor data, including imaging ones

Online visualization of multi-sensor data in a custom graphical disposition
Real-time extraction and display of statistical features inside Regions Of Intersets: histograms, maximum/minimum/mean pixel values,…

Detection, classification and tracking of thermal events/defects, online summary in a situational awareness dashboard

Depending on your process and sensor environment, Thermadiag will provide additional features like:
  • Real time video stabilization,
  • Acquisition synchronization through TTL triggers,
  • TTL/TCP signal generation and/or visual alarm display,
  • Remote and/or centralized display through the network,
  • Storage of detected events in a centralized database for offline replay,
  • And much more…