CEA has gained in-depth expertise at using diagnostic imaging so as to understand quick-ageing and damaging of materials under high thermal stresses.

Such a know-how acts as a unique and decisive trump card when it comes to mastering phenomena occurring at the core of equipments during high temperature processes. Spin-off of the CEA/Cadarache (France), Thermadiag provides a complete technological offer (expertize, know-how, advising, Thermavip software platform, software integration, …) for the monitoring of high temperature processes in the following areas:

  • industrie: metal and steel industries, cement, glass and plastics industries,...
  • R&D facilities or industrial test benches,
  • large research equipements,
  • magnetic fusion installations,
  • ...

Thermadiag's technological offer is based on the ThermaVIP software platform, initially designed for the exploitation of infrared thermography diagnostics in fusion tokamaks. This software platform, which required 7 years of development, is made up of a set of modules allowing the exploitation of imaging diagnoses in a complex measuring environment:

  • acquisition and storage of camera videos,
  • visulization and synchronization of heterogeneous signals (1D -> 3D),
  • multi-sensor data fusion and data processing,
  • automatic detection of dangerous scenarios.

Thermadiag provides services to manufacturers in order to adapt the Thermavip software platform on a case-by-case basis to their needs. The software is integrated into or on top their supervision system to enhance machine and operators’ safety as well as quality control.

Thermadiag was awarded the I-LAB 2014 competition, category "Emergence" and also obtained the Provence Booster Device (DAP) of the Pays d'Aix in 2015. Currently hosted by the incubator of innovative companies Meyreuil (13) , The Thermadiag startup also benefits from the support of the competitiveness clusters "Optitec", "Cluster safe" and "Capénergies".