Thermadiag provides your company with Thermavip , a software platform for operational safety, quality control and comprehension of your high-temperature processes. Developed along with researches on magnetic confinement nuclear fusion, the software suite streamlines right away the whole of the data provided through your sensors and strengthens the monitoring of your systems.

Analyzing and understanding your process

Overheating of a device shows up on a diagnostic infrared thermography? You need to understand the root cause, correlate the glitch to all active sensors and set points of your process? Thermadiag hands over to you the single software solution Thermavip so as to synchronize, display and analyze the whole of your sensor signals, whatever their formats (1D data, videos, 3D signals). Such a toolset will definitely help you find out what is happening at the core of the operation.

Keep the control of your analysis tools

Do you need the mastery of your computing tools in order to include your own expertise? Thermadiag provides analysis solutions based on a powerfull software architecture and grants you access to its source code and developer community. You control the entire software platform to integrate your sensors, custom algorithms and graphical components. Thermadiag offers support for the development of additional software components integrating your expertise.

Solutions for Industrialists and Large Research Facilities

Thermadiag is aimed at any industrial or public research sector involving high temperature materials: metal and steel industries, cement, glass and plastics industries, electronic component manufacturing, high power lasers, particle accelerators, tokamaks, and any high temperature facilities or industrial test benches.